Excellence Now Campaign

“What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career.”

That’s what Tom is insisting about the critical nature of leadership in current conditions. These tumultuous times demand deep engagement, human connection, and, yes, EXCELLENCE. In response, Tom has started his Excellence Now Campaign, a trio of tools intended to be his final lessons in Excellence. Lessons which focus on these topics of surpassing importance; topics which are, in fact, more important now than ever. The tools are Excellence Now: The Forty-Three Number Ones eBook, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism hardback, and Excellence: Now More Than Ever six-part course series.

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Excellence Now: The Forty-Three Number Ones

Tom's latest eBook shares 43 powerful and actionable “true Number Ones,” extracted from his 43 years of leadership research.  Each idea stands on its own and cannot be relegated to the middle or bottom of a list. For the Forty-Three Number Ones Summary please download here, and to read the full Forty-Three Number Ones eBook you can purchase it here.

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Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism

In his latest book, Tom sets an even higher bar given the state of our very troubled and very fast moving world today. Why “Extreme Humanism”? Tom will show how excellence in leadership is achieved by an obsessive focus on the growth of those you are leading. Buy now.

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Excellence: Now More Than Ever

This six-part training course, two years in the making, is based in part on Tom’s 2018 book, The Excellence Dividend. On top of the 99 videos, each emphasizing a Step to Excellence, there are actionable TTDNs (Things To Do Now) associated with each of the content pieces that you can customize to the needs of your organization. Tom has also released a free preview course with six Steps to Excellence.

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Excellence Now Campaign Timeline

Extreme Humanism Meaning: Video Series

In this video series we asked business leaders: What does Extreme Humanism mean to you?

Excellence Now: Poster Series

Tom's Excellence Now: Poster Series highlights his thoughts on leadership, research on the industry, and some of his favorite quotes. Download now to print and hang in your office, share as inspiration on social, or just to pass among friends.

The Seven Commandments

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The Excellence 12

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People First = Profits First

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Numbers Tell the Story

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Design Serving Humanity.

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Women Rule. (Or Should).

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