Off the Cuff

YOU asked the questions, Tom answered. Why don’t big companies innovate? What inspires you, Tom? What makes a great communicator? See Tom give his answers below. In addition, Shelley Dolley asks Tom about the secrets to his success as a public speaker.

Tailoring Speeches

The Off the Cuff series starts up again after a year and a half hiatus. Shelley Dolley kept hearing questions that other speakers would like to pose to Tom. We decided to get Tom to answer, and we produced this continuation of the Off the Cuff videos, which begins with “Tailoring Speeches.”


This video—the first one posted in the Off the Cuff series—shows Tom responding to a question from Keith Clark, “Where do you find your inspiration on your most difficult days?”

Innovation within Large Companies

The Off the Cuff series continues with Tom answering this question from our website visitor Jack Webb, “Why don’t big companies innovate, and who are the best that do?”

Advice on Writing and Communication

In this video from the Off the Cuff series, Tom is asked, “What is the greatest piece of advice you ever received that has made you a better writer or communicator?” It’s a terrific question for Tom, and he discusses not only writing influences, but touches on public speaking as well.

Front Line Managers

In this Off the Cuff video, longtime fan Dave Wheeler asks where Tom’s focus on front line managers came from.

Getting in the Zone

Tom relates how he prepares for a speech.