“Tom Peters is the Red Bull
of management thinkers.”
—Bo Burlingham

Tom's latest book: The Excellence Dividend

Tom Peters has been preaching the gospel of putting people first for decades.
In today's rapidly changing business environment, this message is more important than ever.

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“Maximimizing Shareholder Value 1970-??? The Morally Bankrupt, Incomparably Destructive [Not Legally Required] Economic Idea That Decapitated Modern Business and Is Spurring Social Instability”

As promised on Twitter, here's my paper on Shareholder Value Maximization, and the consequences of prioritizing it.

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COVID Interviews

Leading in a Global Pandemic

In these exceptional times, Tom stresses the need for inspiring and humane leadership now more than ever in a number of recent interviews.

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Excellence: Now More Than Ever

Effect change in your workplace. Now. Take action, with Tom as your guide, in a series of six courses on Excellence, Leadership, and Innovation.

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30+ Years Pursuing Excellence

ExcellenceNow.com is a haven of PDFs and PPTs. Tom’s recent and not-so-recent exhortations.



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