Bob and Tom 1977-2022

Bob Waterman, coauthor of In Search of Excellence, died at age 86, on January 2, 2022. In this fond remembrance, Tom [left in photo] describes their collaboration on research, presentations, and writing their seminal book. He reminisces that their unique balance of noisy and quiet, opinionated and thoughtful (what Tom calls the Tom & Bob Show) is what distinguished their work.

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Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism

Tom continues to demand deep engagement, human connection, and yes, EXCELLENCE. “What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career.”

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Recent Interviews

Leading in a Pandemic

In these exceptional times, Tom stresses the need for inspiring and humane leadership now more than ever in a number of recent interviews.

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Leadership with Urgency

The goal of this course is to lay down some formidable leadership challenges, to get you thinking and trying out several of these ideas.

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Course 6: Leadership with Urgency–OUT NOW!

Leadership with Urgency is the culmination of Tom's course series.

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43 Years Pursuing Excellence is a haven of PDFs and PPTs. Tom’s recent and not-so-recent exhortations.



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