The prestigious Kirkus Reviews called the book “a motivational objet d’art that is both aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking.” Tom has poured through 43 years of work and found over 100 game-changing quotes from stellar “on the ground” performers that—if assiduously studied and implemented—will turn your world upside down. The book’s ultimate character, he says, is its design—courtesy his coauthor, the world-renowned designer Nancye Green.

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New Book

Tom Peters' Compact Guide to Excellence

This strikingly designed little book is full of exhilarating quotes that will will move you to action. Extreme Humanism can engender purpose and pride in all of us.

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About the Compact Guide

Tom has given many interviews recently. They cover leading during turbulent times, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, and Tom Peters’ Compact Guide to Excellence.

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Course Series

Excellence: Now More Than Ever

The goal of this series is simple: to offer you and your organization a helping hand in implementing the products of decades of Tom’s research. Follow the 99 Steps to Excellence!

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Tom’s Archive at the Drucker Institute

“I am infinitely proud to be part of the Drucker family"

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43 Years Pursuing Excellence is a haven of PDFs and PPTs. Tom’s recent and not-so-recent exhortations.



Personalized Thought Leadership

Tom delivers big insight in a short video recorded just for you. Amplify a meeting or surprise a colleague.

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Tom Peters, “the excellence guy,” has taken a new tack. Excellence? Absolutely. “People first”? Bedrock.
But more is urgently needed. Extreme Humanism. Tom calls out business’ central role in making our world better. Business as a paragon of moral behavior, a countervailing force to divisiveness, minimizers of climactic impact, and creators of inspiring products and services. This is a way of life that increases well-being for one and all.