When you need a burst of inspiration from a classic Tom rant, or you’d like to hear his more recent conversations via podcast, pop in your earbuds and play one of these audio recordings.



Tom Peters Perspectives and Predictions

12 December 2014: Once again, old friends Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss spoke to Tom for their podcast. The result contains more perspectives than predictions, but, if you listen with the right mindset, you might make some predictions of your own.

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The State of Business Today with Tom Peters

10 October 2014: Twist Image president Mitch Joel introduces this podcast by declaring himself a fanboy of Tom. Joel put Tom at the top of the list of aspirational guests for his Six Pixels of Separation podcast. Check out the results by listening in.

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The Year of the Social Leader

16 December 2013: Tom revisits the podcast of Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to talk about a subject you can’t afford to ignore.

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Tom Peters: Past, Present, and Future

24 June 2013: Tom joins old friends Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss for their podcast, Thought Grenades, and they begin the conversation by reassessing the state of Excellence in Business.

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Ask Tom Peters anything you want

14 May 2012: Dan Pink’s podcast, Office Hours, is open to questions. In announcing Tom’s visit, Dan tells listeners, “If you’ve never heard Tom before, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve never asked him a question, you’re in for an education.”

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Live in London

Live in London features highlights from Tom Peters’ Dec. 9, 2003, all-day seminar at the London Hilton Metropole to more than 500 business leaders. In this program, Tom discusses his latest thinking on leadership and challenges the audience to “re-imagine” excellence in the 21st century. As always, Tom is energetic and thought-provoking, offering ideas and case studies that you can use in your career and business.

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The Leadership Eleven Masterclass

This 5 CD set is the recording in its entirety of Tom Peters’ Dec. 9, 2003, all-day seminar at the London Hilton Metropole to more than 500 business leaders. The seminar focuses on Tom’s Leadership Eleven – the eleven most important elements of modern management. These include Talent Management, Opportunity Management and Barrier Management. For each topic Tom presents his research and ideas in an inspiring and engaging way that leave you with plenty of thoughts on how to improve your management style and your company.

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The Fight for Competitive Advantage

This unique one day event, set in a mock boxing ring at the prestigious venue The Brewery in London, examines the key drivers in the fight for competitive advantage, presenting the very best experience and models from the US and from Europe. Tom Peters and Richard Scase debate key issues such as business leadership, technology, HR strategies, globalization, marketing, branding and future trends from a UK, European, US and global perspective. In the ring in this sparring match of inspirational words, are:
Tom Peters: best selling business author and the world’s top management guru
Richard Scase: author, academic, entrepreneur and Europe’s leading business strategist

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Excellence in the Organization

From Tom Peters and Robert Townsend comes an innovative, informative discussion of their favorite subjects—American management, getting ahead, making good products, treating people right and striving for excellence. Peters and Townsend excel at clearing out mental cobwebs and cliche thinking. With Excellence in the Organization, you’ll notice new things about your organization and how it works—and, most importantly, how it can be modified for optimum efficiency and satisfaction.

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