Privacy Policy

From Tom:

For years I had but one framed quote on my desk in our Palo Alto headquarters. I believe the source was Justice Louis Brandeis. And I believe the quote went like this, “Man’s most comprehensive right is the right to be left alone.”

No matter the accuracy of the quote. The Spirit is Right On. We do want you to “sign up.” We hope our repayment is an energetic relationship. But … I will guarantee you … we are not “in this” to suck you dry of info about yourself … which we then use to snare you … in Ways Unsuspected.

— tom peters

The Privacy Policy

Giving us your personal information is an act of trust. There are a lot of things we joke about. Trust isn’t one of them. That’s why this privacy policy is here: To tell you what we will and—more importantly—will not do with your information.

If you subscribe to Tom’s electronic newsletter (the Tom Peters Times!), or the Weekly Quote, we need your name and email address. If, at any time, you feel we are abusing your email address, tell us (tom at tompeters dot com) and we’ll stop. You can also unsubscribe by clicking “unsubscribe” in any email you receive from us. We’ll keep your information until you unsubscribe.

What we do with what you tell us

Your information will be used only to send you what you’ve asked for. E.g. If you sign up for the newsletter, we’ll send you the newsletter only. We use standard technical practices to protect your name and email address from accidental or nefarious loss or use.

What we do when you visit

If you visit, you should know that we use Google Analytics to find out basic information about visitors to our site. How do we use Google Analytics? Every once in a rare moon, we like to see, generally, how international our audience is, or how big the audience is. Or which browsers or mobile technology you’re using (something Google Analytics can track) so that we can make sure we design the website, newsletter, and quote emails for those formats. That’s really it. Mostly, we’re just not that curious. We will confess that we have no idea what other details Google Analytics is tracking about you. We’ve made a concerted effort to turn off everything we could, but we’re not code monkeys. Google Analytics uses cookies, which you can use your browser to turn off or delete.

Most importantly:



Who you are

Our website and newsletter are aimed at adults, not children. We don’t knowingly collect any information on children, and if we discover that we did by accident, we would delete it (hasn’t happened yet, to our knowledge). And if you’re a child, and you’re reading this: please sign up when you’re an adult-not now-and we think you’ll find all this content much more relevant and interesting then.


Got a question? We want to hear it. We’re at tom at tompeters dot com.

Thanks … and welcome aboard!