The Little BIG Things
Synopsis Series, Introduction

Tom is simply determined to get the content of The Little BIG Things:163 Ways to Pursue Excellence in front of as many people in as many ways as is humanly possible. Most recently, he has written a new, abbreviated version of the book. It includes new material, but has been compressed in a way that features the main idea of each of the 163 sections, while mostly omitting the “How tos” and supporting case examples. While we think the lengthier version of the material—with its pragmatic calls to action—is the ideal way to absorb the content, we are also delighted to offer up the nuggets from each of the 163 bits. Moreover, since In Search of Excellence in 1982, and especially at in the last six years, the goal is to give away as much material as we can in order to engage you with the ideas that have animated Tom in his writing and thousands of speeches. Of course, we hope this “edition” will spur you to buy a zillion copies of the hardcover edition of the book—but we’ll gladly accept your interest in these ideas in any way, shape or form.

Download the introduction to the synopsis format of The Little BIG Things, wherein Tom describes exactly why he wanted to produce this version of the content. We’ll be posting around two sections each week, starting next week. Find out more about The Little BIG Things here. We also have related videos, an audio version read by Tom, and apps.

Shelley Dolley posted this on August 30, 2010, in Announcements.
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