As we told you last month, Tom is one of the 33 authors of The Big Moo (it’ll be published on October 20 and you can pre-order a copy here). Tom has referred to Julie Anixter, another of The Big Moo authors, as his “Official Muse.” She has started a network called Remarkabalize with co-author Dean DeBiase which is based on the ideas of The Big Moo and is producing the Big Moo movement. Their website launched today: Cool concept: One of their offerings is the ability to customize the cover of the book with bulk purchases. Check that out here. They also tell the remarkable stories of the charities that will receive 100% of author royalties from The Big Moo here. Makes you want to get out there and start doing something remarkable, doesn’t it?

Shelley Dolley posted this on September 21, 2005, in WOW! Projects.
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