Step Out … or Get Stepped On

Another Special Presentation/PP makes its debut today: "Step Out or Get Stepped On." The impetus is an excellent-provocative article in the current issue of Wired, by James Suroweicki, perhaps the most trenchant business observer on the scene today. His argument, in a nutshell: "[The decline of brands] doesn't mean that making a better gizmo no longer matters—offering genuinely innovative products is, more than ever, the best way to capture market share. But savvy consumers are no longer wiling to pay a high premium for an otherwise identical product because it has a fancy nameplate."

My short offering is a plea for Rampant Radicalism in Innovation. It brings together the viewpoints of some of my favorite people: Seth Godin, Doug Hall, Kevin Roberts, Steve Jobs, Rolf Jensen, Wayne Burkan, and the late Jerry Garcia! (Not to mention Thomas Jefferson ... whose "moonstruck mind" brought us the outrageously audacious Louisiana Purchase!)

Tom Peters posted this on November 1, 2004, in Excellence.
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