Caveat Emptor

“Top 10”: Tom’s “I hate …” list. Corporate Mission/Value Statements that are insipid … and which no one believes … and which, therefore, convict leadership of being either Hopelessly Stupid or Hopelessly Out-of-Touch.


At **** we take pride in our commitment to:

*Quality service and best value for our clients
*Individual opportunity and respect for each other
*Integrity and excellence in our work
*Distinction and the competitive in our work

No worse-different than a hundred others like it, eh? Sure. But **** happens to be CACI, who happen to be one of the private contractors at Abu Ghraib.

(Source: Gobbledygook: How Clichés, Sludge and Management-speak are Strangling Our Public Language, by Don Watson. A great read.)

Please fill in the blanks: “I Love My Company Vision & Values Statement Because …