I’ll Take “Interesting”

Was doing a radio interview earlier today. Heard the following slip from my lips: “I’d rather be ‘interesting’ than ‘right.'” My remark launched a lengthy exchange. Upon second thought … I’d say exactly the same thing again.

Am I nuts?

Maybe. But: Maybe not. My shtick, in these madcap times, is that True Distinction/Dramatic Difference rules! The whole idea of “right” implies that we know what “right” is. And there’s my point of departure. I think the old rules and the old paradigms are busted … Big Time. We need to be playful, to try damn near anything to stand apart from the herd. Hence I personally believe my role—my only reason for being—is to Provoke. I believe that interesting-but-wrong at least triggers a discussion of off-the-beaten-track ideas and projects and approaches. Better, in 2004, to fall flat on your face trying a breakaway from the pack … than to spend your days on a dab of “continuous improvement” here and a dollop of “Kaizen” there.” CI will not defend you from a Wal*Mart or, as an employee, from a Determined Chinese Engineer after your job.

Tom Peters posted this on September 20, 2004, in Strategies.
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