Alas (Barf)

There are things I’m simply incapable of understanding. And I don’t mean quantum mechanics. I took part in a discussion with colleagues about the idea we so cherish: Turning every task, no matter how humble, into a “Wow Project.” I think it’s possible. And I think it is, moreover, a Minimum Survival Skill in the insane times in which we participate. But, I was told, “Tom, a lot of senior and middle managers flat out don’t understand what ‘Wow’ is.”

Ye gads!

Alas, I trust their reports. But … YE GADS!

What happened? Where did “We” go wrong? (As parents?) (As a society?) How could any idiot not understand the meaning of (AND APPROPRIATENESS OF) “Wow” in the context of Business Process Redesign … as readily as in an Olympic venue?

Could it be true (TELL ME IT’S NOT SO) that there are human beings who aspire to Less-than-Wow?

“Wow” may not be the universal result (there’s many a slip …) … but to aspire to less than Wow? Ugh! Fool! Sad soul! Pathetic person! And, no, do not (DO NOT) try to tell me there are people who don’t even know what “Wow” … MEANS!?!?


Tom Peters posted this on September 20, 2004, in WOW! Projects.
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