Whence These Google Numbers?

Tom posted his most recent Google-juice numbers in the “Bio & PR” section of the website late last week. As good Brand Yous, we assume you’re all googling yourselves on a fairly regular basis. (The first thing anyone does after meeting you is to go home and google your name, so you better know what they’re seeing.) I took a look at Tom’s document (which you can find on this page in the right-hand column) and then googled “Tom Peters” (using the quotes in the search) and came up with a number that was quite a bit lower than the one he had documented. And so asked him about that. Nothing devious or untoward as it turns out. Seems that the Google search results fluctuate wildly. As Tom notes, he’s been as high as 3.9 million and as low as 1.8 million in the same week. (And, no, he’s not checking his numbers every day!)

Do the same search at Microsoft’s Windows Live and Ask.com, and while the numbers of results are significantly lower, they remain more or less constant day to day and week to week. Go figure.

Erik Hansen posted this on November 16, 2006, in Brand You.
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