Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism Endorsements

What People Are Saying

WOWSA! Tom Peters delivers just in time, bullet point wisdom about what’s gone wrong in business, and how we can make it right. Peters masterfully combines quick insights, stats, cases, and practical to-do’s for an urgent and inspiring read. Consider Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism your handbook for changing the world, and read it fast, because the world needs your best effort right now. “Lisa Earle McLeod, Author: Selling with Noble Purpose

Writing with his characteristic insight, vigor, and compassion, Tom Peters has given us the book we need now.”Susan Cain, Lecturer, Author: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism guides you to earn truly admirable business growth. Tom’s brilliant opus should not only be read and reread but tucked under our pillows at night, so these ideas seep in and guide our every behavior throughout our lives. The ‘conscience skills’ of our youth: kindness, empathy, caring, forgiveness always will be the glue that bonds us to each other. They define who we are as people and enable companies and their people to become the very best version of themselves.”Jeanne Bliss, Founder and President of CustomerBliss, Co-Founder of The Customer Experience Professionals Association, Author: Chief Customer Officer

Tom Peters’ lifelong search for excellence culminates in this call to action. The book’s insights and wisdom have never been so urgent in a world torn by multiple intersecting crises with businesses desperately in search of a path forward. Tom inspires leaders to succeed by building extremely humanistic companies powered by a culture of respect and empathy.” Cheryl Burgess, CEO of Blue Focus Marketing, Author: The Social Employee and The New Marketing

Extreme is a word I associate with Tom as much as Excellence, since his passion has always been pushing his ideas to the max. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, the cultivation of spirit in our work and organizations, is the logical summation of his 43 years of exhortation. How apt that this last plea (I’ll believe that when I see it) should come at the moment when it is desperately required. Now.” Sally Helgesen, Speaker and Leadership Coach, Author: How Women Rise

If there was ever a time to define the leadership that will catapult civilization forward, it’s now. Tom Peters brilliantly outlines the compassion, the kindness, and the empathy all of us must aspire to achieve, no matter what our field of endeavor. The extreme times we live in now demand nothing less than the best of ourselves and Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism shows us how to discover it.” Linda Kaplan Thaler, Bestselling Author The Power of Nice and Grit to Great

I believe Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism is THE book to read now. Tom’s Forty-three No. 1s list resonates powerfully for leaders navigating the chaos in our communities, our businesses, and our world. And it’s also for those who want to lead with the principles that matter from day ONE. Tom’s ideas have the power to spark a revolution that will change our world for the better, and with his helpful roadmap—complete with clear ‘to dos’—I expect to be one of many leaders that join Tom on the journey to achieving Excellence Now.”Susan Frech, Entrepreneur, Community Powered Marketer, and Founder & CEO of Vesta

Excellence is Tom Peters’ game. And this is his playbook. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism is a memoir only Tom Peters could write—part call-to-arms, part business book, part love letter, but mostly a plea to do the really hard thing of putting people first. Read this excellent book. NOW.”Whitney Johnson, Author: Disrupt Yourself and Build an A Team

Tom Peters provides 50+ years of management wisdom in a compelling memoir style format to meet the hyper-speed of doing business in the 21st Century, putting humanism at the forefront. Above all, Tom’s commitment to shift the paradigm to women first in business is beautifully executed in his latest work: Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism— and for that I am hopeful about the future of business.”Rita Meyerson, Ed.D, George Washington University

Tom continues to inspire and energize. I applaud his passion for excellence fueled by human-centered and purpose-driven organizations. Further his push for paradoxical thinking—moving beyond the OR to the power of AND—is vital for their leaders. Striving to meet the myriad of interwoven, often seemingly conflicting demands is integral to enabling a more humanistic, inclusive and sustainable world.”Marianne Lewis, Dean and Professor of Management at Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati, Coauthor: Leading Through Paradox

Tom Peters is the Gandalf of business. Human potential is infinite magic, but most organizations blindly pursue mindless mechanical contributions. Teams change the world, leaders serve teams—and there’s no such thing as over-serving! If you want the secret of the quest, Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism is a must read and—a must often reread.”Linda Holliday, CEO and Founder of Citia

Tom’s knack to cut through the mundane and strike the core of what really matters is his super-power. In today’s world of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, a focus on humaneness needs to rise above all else. Through Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, who and how we are reigns supreme.” Paige Francis, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Information Officer for the University of Tulsa in Tulsa, OK

If you are looking for one book to tell you how to lead, Tom Peters’ Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism is the one. Read this book from one of our staunchest advocates for women’s leadership and share it with everyone you know.” Dr. Shantha Mohan Professor at Carnegie Mellon University’s Integrated Innovation Institute, Co-founder: Retail Solutions Inc. (RSi), Author: Roots and Wings: Inspiring Stories of Indian Women in Engineering and a Distinguished Alumnus of CEG

Is it possible to savor a book and devour it at the same time? That’s what I’ve been doing with Tom Peters’ latest book. The format is sheer genius—infinitely accessible whether one has 10 minutes or two hours. Organized by topics with inspirational quotes from numerous renowned leaders —in addition to Tom himself—and accompanied by practical ‘To Do’ recommendations, it’s immediately accessible. Dive into the first topic that piques your fancy, and be prepared to be challenged, enlightened, and motivated to become your best self as a leader and one who brings followers along to unimagined excellence in workforce engagement, customer loyalty, and enviable business results.” Kay Kendall, CEO and Principal of BaldrigeCoach, Co-author: Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way

The unique challenges of today will not be solved with outdated management and leadership approaches. Thoughtful, intentional actions by leaders at all levels of the organization are needed now as our digital world accelerates. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism is a No B.S. approach to facing our challenges head-on with actionable ways to bring humanity back into the workplace, build engaging communities, and leave a remarkable legacy.”Patti Blackstaffe, Author, Consultant, Coach, Trainer