Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism

What you are doing right now will be the hallmark of your entire career.”

That is what Tom Peters is insisting about the critical nature of leadership in current conditions. During these tumultuous times of socio-political unrest and global pandemic, Tom continues to demand deep engagement, human connection, and, yes, EXCELLENCE.

With Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism, Tom sets a higher bar. Tom’s bold insights are based on decades of research and on-the-ground, steely observations. Fans will once again find themselves immersed in a rich world of people-first wisdom. Excellence Now: Extreme Humanism powerfully delivers the management and leadership direction for how to move forward in a world turned upside down.


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For the sake of the company, community, customer, and planet, Tom Peters wants every leader, everywhere, to – finally – put people first. He prods, provokes, cajoles, and charms his way through catchy examples and practical action steps that offer a path to sustainable excellence.”Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School professor, Author Think Outside the Building

Consider this book a gift from a humanist who has devoted his head, hearts and hands to counsel us all about the practice/how of leadership. Although Peters writes with a sense of urgency, savor his insights about what it takes to nurture our companies—in his words, ‘full-fledged breathing communities,’ and ensure business plays the role it must in building the world we all deserve.” Linda A. Hill, Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School; Faculty Chair, Leadership Initiative, Author Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation

If you don’t have people as your true north before you read Excellence Now – you will at the end. Tom gives us a master class in the ‘soft stuff’ – what really matters today. It shows how excellence that centers around the human being rather than the technology, that creates jobs rather than destroys them, that offers humanized services and products that bring no less than delight and joy to customers is achieved by day-to-day, hour-to-hour action. The new rally cry? How can I be excellent in the next five minutes!”Tiffani Bova, Growth Evangelist, Salesforce, WSJ Bestselling Author: Growth IQ, Thinkers50

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Media Mentions

The value of Peters’s book—so brimming with optimism, enthusiasm, and belief in people—is in the way it grabs us by the lapels and reiterates one last time, in the most direct possible way, the humanistic message of his work.”Daniel Akst, strategy+business

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Extreme Humanism Meaning: Video Series

In this video series we asked business leaders: What does Extreme Humanism mean to you?


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