Training Videos

Tom has captured his decades-long search for business Excellence through a variety of videos. Enterprise Media has curated the insights with the most impact and created offerings that include tailored training guides for businesses of all sizes. A sample of Tom’s most popular programs is below. Click here to see their full listing.

Tom Peters' Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age

Re-imagine_thumb.gifIn this revolutionary program that originally aired on PBS stations throughout America during the spring and summer of 2004, Tom will show you how organizations are meeting the challenges of tomorrow—and achieving new levels of excellence. You'll see how one company dealt with tremendous change and came up with an innovative solution that transformed their brand and the corporate culture. You'll also watch great customer service and WOW! projects at work. Tom delivers inspirational and thought-provoking messages in these video case studies.

You can order the 78-minute Re-imagine! video from Enterprise Media, or shorter videos presenting individual case studies taken from the above are also available:

Ellie Mae: Re-imagine Technology & the Customer
Jordan's Furniture: Re-imagine The Customer Experience
Memorial Hospital and HealthWorks Kids Museum: Turning Work Assignments into WOW Projects
OXO Good Grips: Think Differently
The Container Store: Re-imagine Customer Service and Talent
TNT: Dealing With Change

In Search of Excellence

ISOE_thumb.jpgMotivate your employees to be more innovative, responsive, and committed than ever before with this classic video! In this intriguing and inspiring case-study-based program, Tom Peters is your host and guide for a far-ranging, behind-the-scenes investigation of phenomenally successful organizations. You'll see how "Quality" and "Customer Service" have truly become a way of life.

You can order this 88 minute video from Enterprise Media.

Passion for Excellence with Tom Peters

In this classic program, Tom Peters highlights the creative methods and accomplishments of some "hang-tough, never-say-die" individuals. You'll hear about Air Force Ret. General Bill Creech who motivated airmen into being better maintenance and support people through the use of medals, medallions, and flags. You'll hear about Baltimore Mayor Donald Schaefer who "sold" potholes to promote city restoration. Those are just two examples of the people who have a passion for excellence profiled in this video.

You can order this 63 minute video from Enterprise Media.

Passion for Customers with Tom Peters

Tom Peters gets to the heart of the "excellence message" by taking you on location to five leading organizations that provide superior customer service. Viewers will be privy to the inner workings of these acclaimed customer-driven organizations as Tom details the essential characteristics that have given them their competitive edge. You'll visit Federal Express, The Limited, Worthington Industries, University National Bank & Trust, and the Louisville Redbirds.

You can order this 67 minute video from Enterprise Media.

Excellence in the Public Sector with Tom Peters

Tom Peters does more than destroy the myth that, by definition, public sector management must be poor. He offers examples of five organizations whose managerial excellence provides a blueprint for success in both public and private sector organizations.”
Houston Metropolitan, Houston, TX

The film accomplishes its purpose: to show that it is possible to achieve excellence with the taxpayer's money and to explain how it's done.”
Barbara Holsopple, the Phoenix Gazette

Tom Peters proves that the management revolution is not confined to the private sector—that a revolution is brewing in the public sector, too. He travels to five organizations—the Navy Depot at Alameda, California; the National Theater Workshop of the Handicapped in New York City; the City of Phoenix, Arizona; the Department of Juvenile Justice in New York City; and the National Forest Service in Ochoco, Oregon—and uncovers the secrets of their management success.

You can order this 59 minute video from Enterprise Media.

Everything is Design© Video with Tom Peters

Presented by ChartHouse Learning, 2002

Everything is design and we are all designers! Design is more than the curve of a handle, a flashing icon, or a translucent toothbrush holder.

Design affects everything we create—products, services, processes, websites, conversations, even careers. Its effect is rarely neutral. The purposeful thought—or lack of it—that we put into design is the difference between an experience that is easy, helpful, fun, inspiring—or totally frustrating!

In a world in which so many experiences are the same, great design is the key to creating an emotional connection that makes people crave what you do. Join Tom for a passionate exploration of what he calls one of the most "promising untapped economic opportunities" of our time. Everything is Design© will challenge you to recognize all the opportunities you have to win your customers' hearts by meeting their needs and desires.

You can order this 41 minute video from Enterprise Media.

The Leadership Alliance

Never has management expert Tom Peters been more impassioned than he is about our need for leadership. On location with four outstanding individuals, and in front of a live audience, Peters reveals the practical lessons in leadership and teambuilding that can be learned from compelling examples:

• Pat Carrigan, the first woman to manage an assembly plant at General Motors
• Dennis Littky, the principal of formerly problem-plagued Thayer High School
• Vaughn Beals, Chairman of Harley Davidson—the last of the American companies to succeed in the highly competitive motorcycle industry
• Ralph Stayer of Johnsonville Foods

You can order this 64 minute video from Enterprise Media.