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Why slog through archives? We've selected Tom's most dynamic work on each of his most popular themes: Excellence, Brand You, Execution, Innovation, People, and Leadership.

  • Excellence

    Pick up the torch and continue the quest Tom began with In Search of Excellence.
  • tile-mc-brandyou
    Brand You

    Be distinct ... or extinct. It's up to us to fashion ourselves.
  • tile-mc-execution

    The first 80% of success is showing up! The second 80% is sticking around and refusing to leave! The final 80% is finishing! See how simple what you cannot do is?
  • tile-mc-innovation

    Innovation mindset: "Around here, we try things first, fix ’em fast, try again, talk about it later when we’ve got something to talk about."
  • tile-mc-people

    Use quirky, energetic, and disobedient talent to create your Primary Competitive Advantage.
  • tile-mc-leadership

    Make work matter. To lead is to measurably help others succeed.
Ebook Excellence Now: Innovation
Article “The WOW Project” in Fast Company, 30 April, 1999
Audio The Little BIG Things #109: What Have You Prototyped Lately?
Ebook Boss-Free Implementation of Stuff That Matters
PDF Innovation Tactics 121
Video Angry People Make Change
Audio The Little BIG Things #80: The Way of the Demo
PPT Innovate or Die Part 10 of THE WORKS
Audio The Little BIG Things #106: Beyond Excellence: The “Berserk Standard”
Book The Essential Series: Design
PPT Innovation 36
Audio The Little BIG Things #79: Zen and the Art of Achieving Change Where It Already Exists