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Why slog through archives? We’ve selected Tom’s most dynamic work on each of his most popular themes: Excellence, Brand You, Execution, Innovation, People, and Leadership.


Pick up the torch and continue the quest Tom began with In Search of Excellence.
Brand You

Be distinct … or extinct. It’s up to us to fashion ourselves.

The first 80% of success is showing up! The second 80% is sticking around and refusing to leave! The final 80% is finishing! See how simple what you cannot do is?

Innovation mindset: “Around here, we try things first, fix ’em fast, try again, talk about it later when we’ve got something to talk about.”

Make work matter. To lead is to measurably help others succeed.
Ebook Excellence Now: Innovation
Article “The WOW Project” in Fast Company, 30 April, 1999
Audio The Little BIG Things #109: What Have You Prototyped Lately?
Ebook Boss-Free Implementation of Stuff That Matters
PDF Innovation Tactics 121
Video Angry People Make Change
Audio The Little BIG Things #80: The Way of the Demo
PPT Innovate or Die Part 10 of THE WORKS
Audio The Little BIG Things #106: Beyond Excellence: The "Berserk Standard"
Book The Essential Series: Design
PPT Innovation 36
Audio The Little BIG Things #79: Zen and the Art of Achieving Change Where It Already Exists