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Australian Institute of Management WA

In Perth, Tom spoke to the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIM WA), a nonprofit dedicated to Excellence in management and leadership in public and private organizations.

Slides are here:
Australian Institute of Management WA

New Zealand Defence Force

Still in Auckland, Tom spoke to the New Zealand Defence Force. Visit their website to learn more about their mission and practice. Our commendations go out to the NZDF!

The slides presentation is here:
New Zealand Defence Force, Auckland

Fisher & Paykel

Winter in the Northeast U.S. finds Tom relocated to the Southern Hemisphere. Today (20 February in New Zealand) he was in Auckland speaking to the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation, known for respiratory humidifiers and other breathing apparatuses. Once part of Fisher & Paykel Industries, the Healthcare Corporation split off in 2001, and the remaining household appliance manufacturer became Fisher & Paykel Appliance Holdings Limited.

The slides presentations are here:
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Auckland, Final
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Long

Excellence Dividend FUNDAMENTALS Update

Tom continues to work on the PowerPoint that embodies his book The Excellence Dividend. The latest update is available now: over 600 slides, close to 20MB. Get your copy now!

Excellence Dividend FUNDAMENTALS

Ingram Micro ONE

Today, Tom is in his home state of Maryland, opening the Fall 2018 Partner Conference of Ingram Micro, a technology services company that helps businesses optimize the use of their available technology.

You can get the slides here:
Ingram Micro ONE, Fall 2018 Partner Conference, National Harbor MD

Parkview Health

Tom's event of the day is speaking to the Leadership Development Institute of Parkview Health, a nonprofit health system serving northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio. They're on Forbes' list of America's Best Employers for 2018.

The slides are here:
Leadership Development Institute, Parkview Health


Last week, Tom gave us the "Excellence Dividend FUNDAMENTALS." Well, he couldn't stop playing around with it. So, here's the "next try." Now it's almost 500 slides, including about 200 that are annotations, and the word count is up to about 25,000 words.

All yours ...
The Excellence Dividend FUNDAMENTALS 24 Oct 2018

World Business Forum Mexico City

Today found Tom in Mexico City delivering the keynote at the World Business Forum presented by WOBI (World of Business Ideas). Tom kicked off two days of presentations by a diverse group of business thinkers. If you had the opportunity to be there, we hope you enjoyed his presentation!

Slides are here:
World Business Forum Mexico City

The Excellence Dividend Fundamentals

Another offering from Tom! He turned The Excellence Dividend into a 451-slide PowerPoint complete with annotations on grey-background slides. They help by adding detail to some of his less easily understood shorthand. In person, Tom uses his slides like note cards to bring to mind something he wants to tell his audience. In the PowerPoint, the annotated grey slides provide those added stories. Find it here:

The Excellence Dividend Fundamentals [Ed: Updated 21 Oct 2018]

Tom encourages you to download the file, use parts you like, and share it with your readers and friends.


Been messing around—what else can I call it? The product is two new PowerPoints. The first is a generic PPT on The Excellence Dividend. The second—which I really hope you look at—is a "People (REALLY) First" PPT. I am getting more and more agitated! There is a slide at the start that says, "70%, 85%, 87%." and that's it. The numbers refer to surveys on the percentage of people who are unhappy and unengaged at work. The next slide says: "SHAME ON YOU!!"

I argue at the top of the presentation: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT MAKING ANY ORGANIZATION OF ANY SIZE IN ANY BUSINESS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK. And I mean it. Are you with me? Or not? And if you are on my side, what do you plan to do about it in the next 48 hours—make that in the next 60 minutes?

Excellence Dividend Version 14 October 2018
Excellence Dividend: Putting People (REALLY) First