Cool Friend: Steve Farber

The Radical Leap book coverSteve Farber is president of Extreme Leadership and a former member of the Tom Peters team. His new book, The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership, is a winner of Fast Company's Readers Choice Award. Read the interview here.

The Glass Cliff

Our leadership coach Michelle Rupp sent us this one from the BBC:

"Rather than women leaders causing poor company performance, poor company performance may lead to the appointment of women to positions of leadership."

According to the article, a big threat to women in leadership is the "glass cliff." In other words, "being promoted into risky, difficult jobs where the chances of failure are higher."

RSS vs. GREAT Content

This may be a heck of a cheeky post from a site that has yet to offer RSS (as many of you have cyberspanked us for), but I am curious about one thing and only one thing (at least at the moment). Will RSS really provide the average consumer BETTER content or simply more CONTENT? Will the blog phenomenon have to consolidate over time in order to have truly great blogs and reach masses of people? Or will blogging remain a truly important manifestation of web democratization for a relatively small, distinct group of users who likely will be on one side of the digital divide? For those of you wanting some info about RSS, please check out Webreference and xml.

Watch Re-imagine!

Tom's new PBS documentary Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age continues to air across the country. Check local listings, especially if you live in Cincinnati/Dayton (WPTO on June 2), Milwaukee (WMVS on June 2), San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose (KRCB on June 3) and Boston (WGBH on June 13).

Re-imagine Your Business

Are you overwhelmed by all the ideas Tom presents in his book Re-imagine!? Don't know quite where to start to apply them? Well, take a look at our new tool, the Re-imagine Scorecard! Designed initially as an exercise to complete after seeing Tom live, it helps you take a critical look at your own business and prioritize what would most benefit from Re-imagination. To get further ideas about how to use the Scorecard, contact the Tom Peters Company.

Very Tomesque

Bruce Mau Design introduces itself with an Incomplete Manifesto for Growth at its website. The manifesto reminds us so much of Tom that we linked to it.

Leading Through Uncertainty

Citing Tom, Anne-Birte Stensgaard of AME Info writes about three new fundamentals of leadership.

The "new fundamentals" of leadership are geared to helping leaders, at all levels of the organisation, cope with a variety of fast-moving and challenging business conditions ... enabling them to lead others successfully in the achievement of stretching business goals.

We can relate to her three points: "Be Credible.
Create Clarity and Focus. Build a Coaching Culture."

Simply Profound

While attending a session at ASTD, David Cooperrider (coauthor of Appreciative Inquiry) discussed a Peter Drucker quote on what leadership really means.

The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths, making our weaknesses irrelevant.

What Is Fast Prototyping?

Tom's 1999 Fast Company article on WOW!Projects explains it best.

The fastest, smartest way to get your project defined and refined is to practice the art of quick prototyping. Don't keep your project hidden in some private skunk works until you can hone it into a perfect deliverable.

Humor Rules

Doni Tamblyn is one funny lady. Her basic formula is simple: "Make your people part of the show."