Exclamation PointWelcome to our new home page. We got tired of the old home page and, in the spirit of creative destruction, we blew it up. We've also become enamored of various blogs and blogging software, so we said, "Let's bloggify Tom." Instead of waiting around to transform the whole site, we've gone with a fast prototype here on the main page. With the help of Coudal Partners, we're using Movable Type to manage our site. Well, the home page for now. Let's see if it works. If it does, in time we'll convert the rest of our pages. It may be a bit messy for a while, but email us what you think. In time, we'll get comments turned on, so you'll be able to let us know what you think right here.

Grounded Design

It had its supporters and detractors, but it was a bold design crafted during the birth of the space age. Now, the last of the Concordes perches flightless at the National Museum of Scotland. Will we ever see a passenger aircraft with such verve again?

Tom’s Newest Slides

We've been asked many times to single out Tom's latest thoughts-turned-into-PowerPoint-slides. Now they're up. See the new slides master.

RSS or No?

Ron talked about this issue a couple of days ago.

Tom in Mexico City

See the slides for Tom's event in Mexico, Expomanagement Mexico 2004.

The China Syndrome

"Signs of overheating," said IMF chief economist, Raghuram Rajan. "If the government doesn't do anything, the bubble becomes bigger," said Andy Xie, a Morgan Stanley economist in Hong Kong. What do business people in China think? A recent survey of business leaders in Hong Kong indicated that 62 percent believe the Chinese economy is in danger of overheating. This same survey reported that the biggest factor to CEO success in this hot business climate is "implementation/execution (getting it done)." It doesn't sound like "Ready, Fire, Aim." It sounds like "Fire, Fire, Fire."

We Like You, Too, David

Read what this Fast Company editor has to say about Tom. And the article that inspired David's comments, "Brand You Survival Kit," by Tom himself.

Are You Outsource-Proof?

Register for Tom's June 30 online seminar with Dan Pink, author of Free Agent Nation. Dan recently traveled to India to talk to the software programmers who are "stealing" U.S. jobs. Tom and Dan will join forces to offer a clear-eyed, hard-headed look at the most controversial business issue of our day: the offshoring of U.S. jobs to low-wage countries (Noon Eastern).

Tom’s Off-shoring Manifesto

Rant No.8 of 20: "For my future grandkids' sake, I relish the idea of billions of wealthy, relatively happy Indians and Chinese—rather than the idea of billions of impoverished people pissed off at wealthy Americans." Read more ...

“Most Valuable Resource”

coketp1.gifAs Forbes and others report, Coke's new Chief Executive Neville Isdell is "assuming direct oversight over the soft drink giant's human resources department." Good news when a CEO will personally "guide development of the company's workforce."