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I'm in the midst of a pretty intense set of lectures that is sending/will send me from London to Toronto to São Paulo to Seoul. (With a few USA stops tossed in for good measure.) I often have a base presentation I work off at any point in time. I thought I'd send it your way FYI. It's used for live presentations only, so, alas, there is no annotation.

All yours ...

CEO Global Network

Tom's event today was with the CEO Global Network. Serving Canada and the western U.S., it's dedicated to making CEOs more successful in work and in life.

The presentation from the day and the long version are available here:
CEO Global Network, 20 October
CEO Global Network, Long

A Short Piece on Tom’s Cass Event

Following Tom's appearance there, a member of the Cass Business School staff composed a short version of his masterclass for posting on their website. It seems that both Tom and Cass B-school teachers and students enjoyed the opportunity to convey or gain insights into excellence in business practice.

To read the follow-up article, go to the Cass website.

Cass Business School, 17 October 2016

Today people from Cass Business School of the City University of London are Tom's audience.

His presentation is available here:
Cass Business School

Metro Bank

In London, Tom spoke with a group at Metro Bank. Founded in 2010, it was the first high street bank to open in over 150 years!

Metro Bank, October 14, 2016

On-Demand Learning from IIL: Project Management Day 2016

Another opportunity to hear Tom speak is coming in November. He'll be one of the keynote online speakers at the International Project Management Day presentation, produced by International Institute for Learning (IIL). The program goes live on November 3, 2016, and it's to be available on demand for 90 days thereafter.

Use the code EXCELLENCE at registration online, and get 10% off.

Tom’s Talk on Sirius Radio

If you missed Tom's radio spot originally aired September 7th on Channel 111 of SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School, you have an opportunity to listen via this link to the Wharton website. Highly recommended!

We had the details wrong in the announcements leading up to this event. Apologies! The correct info is this: The interview with Tom is conducted by Catharine Hays, Executive Director of the Wharton Future of Advertising Program, one of two hosts for the program. Mark & Cheryl Burgess, authors of The Social Employee, were guests along with Tom.

BrightStar Care Annual Conference

Yesterday Tom presented two sessions to the BrightStar Care Annual Conference in Rosemont, Illinois. They promise "a higher standard of home care" for those who need in-home services for themselves or a family member.

There are three presentations:
BrightStar Care Annual Conference
BrightStar Care Afternoon Breakout
BrightStar Care Long Version

Vancouver: The Art of Leadership Conference

Tom's latest appearance takes him to the West Coast—of Canada. He's speaking at the Vancouver Convention Centre on "The Art of Leadership."

Slides are available here:
Vancouver, The Art of Leadership, Final (Note: Updated 19 Sept!)
Vancouver, The Art of Leadership, Long Version

Tom on the Radio—Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 7, 5:30 pm. EST, to be aired on Channel 111 of SiriusXM, Business Radio Powered by The Wharton School. Tom will be speaking on the "Marketing Matters" radio show along with David Edelman, a partner at McKinsey & Co. Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess, coauthors of The Social Employee will host the talk. Their focus will be social leaders such as Tom and David Edelman.

Here's a link to the Sirius Radio program. Put it on your schedule!


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