Interview with Johann Verheem of Parsons School of Design

On January 31st, 2022 Tom joined Professor Johann Verheem and the Strategic Design for Global Leadership masters students at Parsons School of Design. This is a very unique business graduate program that believes it exemplifies Tom’s saying: “Hard is Soft. Soft is Hard.” The small cohort says they are a co-created course by diverse students with various backgrounds and different opinions.

Tom says, “My life goal—and I’m going to stay healthy so I can make a couple more steps—is to humanize professional education. And my 3 particular targets—who are my worst-of-the-worst list—are MBAs, Med schools and engineering schools.” Being able to speak with these students who are getting a less traditional, more humanized business degree brings Tom immense joy.

Watch the great discussion between Tom and this class below.

Holly Bauer posted this on March 7, 2022, in Education.
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