27 Number Ones in the Age of COVID-19

Best practices for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic seem to shift by the minute. With government regulations in flux, businesses both large and small rethinking "business as usual," and a cloud of uncertainty looming over the world at large, change has been the name of the game for these last few weeks and months.

Yet certain priorities remain constant despite this global volatility. While work may be the last thing on your mind as of late (and understandably so), strong, capable leadership remains as pivotal as ever. Leadership, per Tom, that puts people (really!) first. In seeking to encourage leaders to create a "sustainable and humane workplace" in the age of COVID-19, Tom has released a new piece titled "Excellence 2020: The 27 Number Ones." In it, you'll find succinct guidance about where to focus your leadership—from hiring and training to culture and management—now and always. In conjunction with this piece, Tom has released a series of observations loosely organized around leading effectively in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. You'll find both documents below.

In a time of so much change, it's reassuring to know that Tom has been advocating for many of these ideas for over 40 years. Ideas that, in many cases, are more essential now than ever before. While the specific steps you take to implement these strategies may look different today than they would have last year, there are always ways to bring excellence to your workplace by keeping your focus on people.

Stay safe and be well.



**UPDATE** Tom has added more!



Christine Campbell posted this on May 8, 2020, in Excellence.
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