“Sorta Manifesto”?

Whatever this “thing” is, I can’t let it go. Revision follows revision—like magical thinking. So I hereby officially declare it a brief-ish “Sorta Manifesto.” The format remains nonlinear; that is, disjointed. That’s not (entirely) laziness. “Disjointed” is part of the point. It is a series of somewhat related notions. And I’d prefer it be read that way. I’m delighted if one pulls you this way, another pulls you that way. In my opinion, it is YOUR job to figure out what it might mean for you. (I think the parts add up to a whole, but that conclusion—or an alternative conclusion—is up to you, the reader.)

Extreme Humanization/Extreme Employee Engagement

Tom Peters posted this on February 4, 2019, in Excellence.
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