DEE2019/Deep Employee Engagement

How about making DEE/Deep Employment Engagement your principal theme for 2019? It’s more than a “winning formula.” It’s the right thing to do. It is the moral thing to do. And: It is the profitable thing to do.

Who could ask for more?

Happy 2019!

Now get your backside in gear.

Launch date: 1/2/2019.

The “why”:

DEE maximizes the quality of CUSTOMER engagement.
DEE maximizes customer retention.
DEE makes it safe to take risks which in turn maximizes INNOVATION at all levels of the organization.
DEE radically improves individual and organizational learning.
DEE enhances co-operation which dramatically improves all-important cross-functional communication.
DEE improves the quality of joint ventures.
DEE enhances teamwork which then increases PRODUCTIVITY and QUALITY.
DEE dramatically improves EXECUTION.
DEE reduces turnover and stabilizes the work force.
DEE makes it possible to recruit top talent.
DEE means top employees are far more likely to stay with the organization.
DEE improves the reputation of the company as viewed by all stakeholders.
DEE improves community relations.
DEE is a contribution to humanity.
DEE is the only sane and honorable response to the forthcoming radical changes in the global workplace.
DEE makes it possible for leaders to look in the mirror without barfing.
DEE makes it possible for leaders to look in the mirror and smile.
DEE is the bedrock of EXCELLENCE. (No DEE, no excellence. That simple.)
(And, dear bean counters: DEE is a peerless/the best/sustainable profit-maximization tool. DEE = Money [lots of] in the bank.)

[Ed.: Also in PDF format, 04 Jan 2019]

Tom Peters posted this on December 27, 2018, in People.
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