Been messing around—what else can I call it? The product is two new PowerPoints. The first is a generic PPT on The Excellence Dividend. The second—which I really hope you look at—is a “People (REALLY) First” PPT. I am getting more and more agitated! There is a slide at the start that says, “70%, 85%, 87%.” and that’s it. The numbers refer to surveys on the percentage of people who are unhappy and unengaged at work. The next slide says: “SHAME ON YOU!!”

I argue at the top of the presentation: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT MAKING ANY ORGANIZATION OF ANY SIZE IN ANY BUSINESS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK. And I mean it. Are you with me? Or not? And if you are on my side, what do you plan to do about it in the next 48 hours—make that in the next 60 minutes?

Excellence Dividend Version 14 October 2018
Excellence Dividend: Putting People (REALLY) First

Tom Peters posted this on October 15, 2018, in Tom's Slides.
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