Hanging Out With My Beloved SMEs

I’m speaking in Toronto to the conference of my dreams—”Private Company Managers Annual Meeting.” For me, it’s a one-two punch. First, the best of the best, the winners in Deloitte’s “Canada’s Best Managed Program.” Second, the group consists entirely of mid-sized companies.
The “gurus” (whoops, including me) seem to focus almost exclusively on giant firms. Yet it’s the SMEs who create (in every nation) de facto ALL the new jobs—and readily come out on top when it comes to innovation.
What a treat—and a privilege—it will be to hang out with these folks!

Slides are here:
Deloitte, Private Company Managers Annual Meeting, Toronto
Deloitte, Toronto, Long

Tom Peters posted this on April 19, 2017, in Tom's Slides.
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