The Leadership 43
“Some Stuff”

When one speaks of leadership, it seems as though the discussion immediately turns to the likes of “vision” and other lofty topics.

Be my guest.
Follow that path.

Since I don’t really know (nor, frankly, much care) what “vision” means, I decided to go another route with a recent speech on leadership in Calgary (11 September).

Hardly a grand route.
But, I hope, a useful route.

So what you’ll find in the attached is … 43 items/notions/suggestions (“Some Stuff”) that, if you try a few of ’em, you might well improve your leadership effectiveness.

(The attached PowerPoint presentation is heavily annotated—perhaps 7.5K+ words worth of annotation.)

Read it.
Try “some stuff” yourself.
Hold on to a couple of “stuffs” that seem to work for you.
I do think it may be of value.
(And I can say with certainty it’s taken me about 35 years to write this.)

Excellence 2015! The Leadership 43

Tom Peters posted this on September 22, 2015, in Leadership.
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