Brett Steenbarger Expounds on Tom’s Stance Against Vision

Brett Steenbarger, a contributor at Forbes, has taken a couple of Tom’s tweets and expanded on them with great insight.

Tom tweeted, “Thinking ahead is great, but it becomes more than it is when when you sprinkle Holy Water and enshrine it as Vision.” In response to reaction to this pronouncement, Tom went on to post, “Drucker said he’d never met a good leader who was ‘charismatic.’ I’d like to ban words like ‘charismatic’ and ‘vision.'” (Read the tweetstream here.)

Steenbarger captured the essence of Tom’s meaning and made it clearer to the rest of us in his article of July 26 on We highly recommend his in-depth commentary on the subject of vision, “The Foresight of Leadership.” He does an excellent job of supporting Tom’s view that a vision may not be the key to success. Thank you, Brett!

Cathy Mosca posted this on August 4, 2015, in Strategies.
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