Tom (Back) in São Paulo

Tom is speaking to the HSM Management & Leadership Forum in São Paulo today. He reckons it’s about his 15th or so visit to SP in the last, say, 25 years. As usual, he’s working with his colleague and HSM founder Jose Salibi Neto. From the start Tom has called HSM events “peerless.” Over the years, HSM has branched out far beyond Brazil—including an annual extravaganza for thousands in Radio City Music Hall. (Tom called his appearance on the Radio City stage “beyond belief, a ‘pinch me’ moment.”)

In conversation with Tom before the current event, Jose shared his “secret” of sustaining: “Every year is a start-up. As is every event. You begin the year and the event with ZERO satisfied customers. You must earn your reputation each time out.” Tom says it’s a sentiment he can “very much relate to.”

As to Tom’s talk, he says it will be built around “something new that’s not new.” Preparing for the event, he read a relatively new book, The Customer Service Revolution by customer service guru and wildly successful entrepreneur John DiJulius. Tom continued, “Sure, this is a sentiment that has been my ‘calling’ for years, but John said it so very very perfectly: ‘YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL NEVER BE ANY HAPPIER THAN YOUR EMPLOYEES.'”


HSM Management & Leadership Forum, São Paulo
HSM, São Paulo, Long Version

Cathy Mosca posted this on April 8, 2015, in Tom's Slides.
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