Leadership, Cognitive Biases, Etc.


TP: Every day for every one of us—teen and octogenarian alike—offers numerous leadership opportunities. What are you waiting for?
TP: Leadership’s Big Four: Enthusiasm. Acknowledgement/intense listening. Helping others when you haven’t got the time. Reading/learning.
Michael St. Lawrence: Bonus Fifth: Lead to somewhere interesting and worthwhile.
TP/My #5: “Be playful.” I never trust anyone who knows where they’re going.
Michael St. Lawrence: Playful is tough when quarterly earning calls are breathing down your neck.
TP: But without playfulness, possibility of innovation is nil. (See Michael Schrage’s classic book, Serious Play.)
TP/My revised Leadership Big Five: Enthusiasm. Acknowledgement/intense listening. Helping others when you haven’t got the time. Playfulness/”Doin’ stuff.” Reading/learning

TP/from the diary of Dale Carnegie: “The biggest problem I shall ever face: the management of Dale Carnegie.”
TP/courtesy Leo Tolstoy: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

TP: Three times to introduce a new product: Too early. Too late. Lucky.

Alan Guinn to tweeter: Do you really believe someone who has been pushing a position [on Net Neutrality] over a decade offers an unbiased and objective view?
TP: There are 7 billion people on earth. Not one is free of bias. If you [think you] are, you are arrogant/out-of-touch/dangerous.
TP: “Let me be frank.” = “Let me illustrate how full of shit I am.”
Ken Wilkinson: “With all due respect …” = “Prepare to be thoroughly disrespected …”
TP: Five stars!

TP: I love this sooooo much. A list about 150 different cognitive biases. Bon chance:

Martin Birt:What businesses can learn from the National Ballet of Canada.” My latest piece in the Financial Post.
TP: Excellence in the arts is very parallel to biz. Arts leaders are at the front of the pack and can teach businesses re talent seeking/development!

Tom Peters posted this on March 9, 2015, in Leadership.
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