Audvisor: A Cool Friend’s Cool New Project

When we interviewed Rajesh Setty for our Cool Friends collection, he described himself as a serial entrepreneur. Since then, he’s skipped from one good idea to another, always with the the same goal, the tag line for his blog, “Bringing Ideas to Life, With Love!”

Tom participated in a recent project, Audvisor. In Setty’s words:

“Audvisor is the world’s first push-button learning app for smartphones. We bring the world’s top experts to share their insights in 3 minutes or less. The insights are delivered Pandora-style. Listeners can pick topic(s) or expert(s), push a button, and start learning. You can read more and download the app at”

He sent us these links, for your convenience:

1. Audvisor on iOS
2. Audvisor on Android
3. Audvisor buzz on Twitter
4. Audvisor on Product Hunt
5. Audvisor on FB

Cathy Mosca posted this on March 20, 2015, in Cool Friends.
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