I’ve already made a non-trivial update of my Annotated Master. It’s now 788 slides long—including over 200 annotation slides.

Thinking about slides per se, I wrote this note—on an early slide in the presentation:

The worst feedback I can get on some slide is, “That was a great quote.” Well, I think some of them are pretty darn good. But the point of this presentation is reflection and discussion—and action.

Fact is, I see each of these “great quotes” as fully operational—translatable into “TTDNs”/Things To Do Now.

My great hope is that you will take some bits that pique your interest, ponder them, talk them over informally or formally with colleagues—and, as you see fit, develop a concrete effort to test them in your organizational context.

I’m in this thing for learning and action and personal/organizational improvement—not as a provider of “great” or “clever” quotes.


Tom Peters posted this on September 24, 2014, in Tom's Slides.
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