Total Real Estate Training
Annual Education Conference
Sydney, 15-16 July 2014

Tom is addressing a group of the most successful realtors in Australia and New Zealand. He and Rupert Murdoch are the principal keynoters. (Mr. Murdoch is in town to, among other things, celebrate the 50th anniversary—15 July—of the launch of his national newspaper, the Australian.)

“The pattern is one I’m familiar with,” Tom says of the audience. “They are exceptionally attentive. Every one is wildly successful and doesn’t need this; but those are precisely the folks who are perpetually hungry to pick up even the tiniest idea that might help them take their game up another notch.”

If you would like to get the PPT presentations from the event, it is available here. Note: Three PPTs posted on 15 July (Session One, Session Two, and the Long Version) have been replaced by one combined PPT on 18 July:

Sydney, Sessions One and Two, 15-16 July

Cathy Mosca posted this on July 15, 2014, in Tom's Slides.
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