Radical Personal Development

I launched the new year at 9AM 1/1/14 with a tweetstream on personal development:

Accelerating tech changes/etc. = Middle class in tank. ONLY answer: Determined/intensive commitment to personal growth. Start date: 1/1/14.

Public policy largely irrelevant. Revolutionary econ structural change here to stay. Only defense is personal development. NOW! [Remember, all these were posted 1/1/2014.]

You totally misunderstand overall econ context if you choose not to start today on RPD/Radical Personal Development.

If Reps & Dems all geniuses & worked together, econ tsunami would still thunder in. Answer is RPD/Radical Personal Development. PERIOD.

Remember: Excellent “Brand You” portfolio is about self-LESS-ness, not self-ISH-ness. You are as good as the network you develop-nurture. PERIOD.

Beating econ revolution: Invest in your network (share). Hit the books (study). Work your ass off. WOW-ify every project. Start: TODAY.

I like RPD. Just bought http://RadicalPersonalDevelopment.com.

Radical Personal Development. Start date: TODAY. Tomorrow: TOO LATE. Do … SOMETHING. NOW.

RPD/Today: Download an interesting book. Schedule a lunch with someone interesting … THIS WEEK. Concoct a next step to WOW-ify a current project.

RPD/Today: Check out MOOCs. Work with a pal on a reading list for the next 6 months. Call a good professional pal: Noodle on creating an RPD Club.

Boss: Your job is safer if every one of your team members is committed to RPD/Radical Personal Development. Actively support them!

Bosses supporting RPD/Radical Personal Development: Read Matthew Kelly’s The Dream Manager.

Bosses/In the next two weeks: Plan a sit-down meeting with each of your team members concerning her/his RPD/Radical Personal Development aspirations.

Tom Peters posted this on January 2, 2014, in Brand You.
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