2014: Getting Started

As you know, I’ve been translating subject matter tweetstreams into organized and slightly edited text. We have now accumulated over 6K words on 20 topics. I have somewhat cheekily titled it: Some (Really) (Important) Stuff. My defense-of-title? I think it is really important.

‘Tis the time to launch the New Year—with, one hopes, a bang. In addition to Some (Really) (Important) Stuff, I’ve included a reissuance of what I think is a (really) (important) paper. Titled, simply: Acknowledgement! “Simple” acknowledgement may be the most powerful force in the universe—at least in the leader’s universe. Please read this. Please apply it. Now. As I say in the new introduction: It ain’t exactly rocket science.

Happy New Year 2014!

Tom Peters posted this on January 3, 2014, in Leadership.
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