The "S-Train"/Twitter

The "S train": SM/Social Media. SE/Social Employees. SO/Social Organization. SB/Social Business. Any way you look at it, it's a revolution.

It is axiomatic: SM/Social Media is wasted (almost a "total waste"?) without SE/Social Employees & SO/Social Organization.

Can you have "social hot spots" in organization & play the Social Business Game? I mostly don't think so. Pretty close to "all or nothing."

Can you have a "social business" if the CEO doesn't play? I border on saying/believing "No way."

The CEO should almost exclusively focus on creating/maintaining/adjusting the culture. SM/SE/SO/SB is a "culture play," pure and simple.

I'd say she/he doesn't have to be an expert, but he/she must be clearly seen as "getting off" on the emerging game. Agree?

In most cases someone/s from somewhere/s [often remote] must demo the process/outcome/small successes for the CEO/top team. They rarely initiate. (I'll stand my ground on that.)

The whole point of an effective Social Business is that everyone plays. Marketing is the least of it. (Yes, I said "LEAST of it.")

EVERY function plays a crucial role. It is the interaction
per se that is the value added proposition.

The power of the "social" is aborted if several bits/functions de facto or de jure opt out.

HR by definition is [should be!] at the center of the vortex if truly want everyone to play the Great Social Game.

Can there be vigorous tension/disagreement w/in a committed Social Organization? Not only "Yes" but "Damn well better be." That's Value Add.

Tom Peters posted this on December 9, 2013, in Strategies.
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