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In keeping with this week’s posts, I thought I’d offer some “Friday suggestions.” Herewith:

Have you prepped for your 1st meeting with your team today with the same care you’d put into a presentation to your boss? THIS is MORE important!

Bosses: 1st ten minutes sets the tone for the day. PERIOD.

Bosses/Repeat: MBWA for 1st 15-30 minutes after arrival at the office.

Bosses: MBWA, for the last 15-30 minutes of the day/Friday. Thank a minimum of THREE people for something they did this week.

Bosses: Take someone new and different to lunch today.

Bosses: Re MBWA, saying thanks a couple of times, etc, how about a “daily rituals” list carried in your pocket to remind you of this stuff?

Bosses: How about a promise to yourself not to email/text/etc. any of your team this weekend?

Bosses: Like my old White House boss, set aside a half hour this afternoon to CALL 3-5 “outsider” folks who gave your team a hand this week.

(WH boss) was the busiest guy I ever met, yet he did (his late-in-the-day “Thank you” ritual) EVERY day. And most calls were “down” to someone who’d offered a helping hand.

Lot of (my WH boss’s) calls (this was the old days) were to secretaries/PAs of those above him. His secretaries network was his secret weapon.

Bosses: FACT: projects succeed/fail because of cooperation from OTHER functions. Find 2-3 of those “other function” folk to thank today.

Bosses: Remember: Suck DOWN for success! (It’s the network “below” you that makes you a hero or a goat.)

[REPEAT: IT’S THAT IMPORTANT] Bosses: Remember: Suck DOWN for success! (It’s the network “below” you that makes you a hero or a goat.)

I wrote In Search of Excellence about ONE thing: MBWA. Being in touch, being human, emphasizing “soft” factors, which are in fact true “hard” factors.

So, it’s 8:50AM EST, are you doin’ your MBWA yet????????

Tom Peters posted this on December 6, 2013, in Leadership.
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