MOAP Jr. Circa 2013
(Mother Of All Presentations)

When I prepare for a presentation, I gather material from here and there, old and new, and start to play with it. Over the last 18 months, my thinking, underpinned by a killer reading list in particular, has undergone pretty dramatic changes—and, frankly, I needed to pull together my material (in PPT format) in order to figure out what I am thinking at the moment. (I'm stealing here from the great psychologist Jerome Bruner: "How do I know what I think until I see what I say?") At any rate, about four or five months ago I started pasting up some sort of new-ish "master presentation" which would essentially be my more or less encyclopedia from which I'd cherrypick appropriate material for a given event/seminar. What emerged after 100s (1000s, actually, or 1000s of 1000s) of iterations is hereby offered, all roughly 900+ slides worth, for you to use as you wish or if you wish. Unlike the 4,096-slide PowerPoint monster presentation (we call it "MOAP," the Mother Of All Presentations), this one is not, at least at the moment, annotated. Sorry. In any event, I hope you find our newest hatched egg of some value. Putting it together was certainly a valuable exercise for me—and fun, too. (It's a very very cool time to be thinking about "all this." Boredom is not on my top 10,000 problems list.)

Master, 5 November 2013: 988 Slides

Tom Peters posted this on November 4, 2013, in Tom's Slides.
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