Tom launched August with a twitter frenzy. A few highlights:

On Feedback

Giving feedback is not for amateurs.

Is there any more difficult task than giving effective feedback? If there is, I can’t imagine what it would be.

If you think giving feedback is easy or “straightforward,” then you are hyper-shitty at giving feedback.

No one is open to poorly proffered feedback. No one = No one.

Giving feedback is a skill to be studied, practiced and mastered as much/as carefully as, say, playing the piano.

Begin with a planet-class training course [on giving feedback], require EVERYONE to take it, provide mandatory annual refresher.

On Teasing

You are a lively soul, and I salute you. But as a boss, be careful when you tease someone who works for you. BE VERY CAREFUL.

Always remember, boss/project leader, the hypersensitive ones may be your very best folk. Don’t mistake your thick skin for the norm.

Teasing people is a dangerous profession. (Under any and all conditions.)

@Gil_Bashe 2h @tom_peters Think we need to see our actions in the lens of how we impact others – never to embarrass always to advance the human condition.

Teasing In Cyberspace

Teasing is about all the senses taken together. It can backfire X100 in cyber-conversations.

Use of body language in the theater and on the screen are two very different states of affairs.

Using body language in 2-dimensional space obviously doable. As movie directors know as a matter of course.

Reading body language effectively is 10X more difficult than reading Shakespeare.

As a public speaker, effectively reading body language is perhaps #1 skill/asset

On Bosses’ Delusions

If you are a boss and are pleased that people came around to see things your way, worry. Worry a lot.

Boss: Never mistake the fact that people agree with you for their actual feelings

On Who You Hang Out With

@oribrafman When you interact with others who are different, amazing, and serendipitous, things tend to happen.

TP Responses to @oribrafman:

Making this happen regularly [interaction with those who are different] is of the utmost personal and organizational importance and demands systematic thought

And when you fail to do this you mentally and emotionally shrivel by the hour.

This is not a “good idea.” It’s a life or death, win or lose strategic outlook.

This is not a “generic” issue. This is a … TODAY ISSUE

Straight talk: You must work your ass off on this. Without intervention, “same same” is the default option.

Top 2 innovation imperatives: Try a lot of stuff. Hang out with interesting people.

Cathy Mosca posted this on August 5, 2013, in Leadership.
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