So Much For the "Gorgeous" Beach Walk …

Tom is vacationing by the Atlantic Ocean. Yesterday morning [Monday 29 July] he took a beach walk at 6a.m. "Gorgeous," he says. But how would he know? He tweeted his way down the beach. Turned out to be a tweet sequence he'd like to reproduce here. "Sterling," he calls it.


Starting vacation today? Vacation goal: No vacation goal. REFRESH. [Pure hypocrisy on Tom's part—cm]

Vacation: Unless you are a truly shitty manager, your team can live w/o you for 48 hours. No emails. ZERO.

19 people require 19 different "management styles." (Just like great teacher who has distinctive way of dealing with each of 19 10-yr-olds.)

Yo, jovial boss: Some of your very best folks hypersensitive. Light wiseass remark can demoralize them for month. Uh, people are different.

"Jovial" types often dim when it comes to hypersensitive types ... who are often your most thoughtful people.

Don't waste a moment this week persuading naysayers. Spend your time deepening and widening network of allies.

Monday reminder: A "small" act of incivility may well be remembered for 10 years.

Make your 1st meeting today a demo of Leadership Excellence. Prep your ass off.

Make your 1st 10 emails of the day positive!! Every damn one of them!!

Thank 5 people for SOMETHING before day's end.

MBWA today ... or bust.

Thank a front-line employee this morning for bringing a great attitude to work this Monday morning.

Suck down for success! Add 2 people 2 levels "down" in another function to your network. The Real Work is done "down" there.

Are you 40? 45? 50? Sign up for a Web course this week on something new you need to understand. DO NOT DELAY.

Bain study concluded that 80% of companies think their service is good. 20% of their customers think so. Do you have similar disconnect?

When I ask you Friday afternoon, "Who was the most interesting person you added to your network this week," what will your answer be?

Devote the week to better cross-functional integration. Do SOMETHING in that regard before 11AM this morning.

Is there anyone on your agenda for the week who will give you a genuinely novel perspective on something of importance? If not, why not?

I'm mostly a function over form guy. My iPhone a sleek beauty; or, rather, it was until I put an ugly, garish, drop-proof cheap case on it.

Passed a Frank Gehry-ish house on beach walk. High on artsy-fartsy scale, likely a leaky nightmare to live in. (I'm a Donald Norman-ist.)

[We're glad he paused long enough to take a photo—below—cm]


Tom's caption: World War II pillbox, Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard, MA, as of 30 July 2013

Cathy Mosca posted this on July 30, 2013, in Leadership.
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