Leadership Reductionist Redux

Back in May, Tom posted a self-assessment for leaders of orgs big and small. In keeping with his stance that a focus on people is more important than vision, energy, and integrity in a leader, he proposed statements on which to evaluate yourself addressing that aspect of leadership particularly. We put up a fast-draft PDF when Tom blogged this, but we’ve had time to polish it up a bit, and we’re posting the new version now.

Sample assessment statements:
• Listening is Item #1 in our set of Core Cultural Values.
• I believe in the Iron Law of Communication: Regardless of circumstances, if there is a miscommunication … it’s my fault
• 100% of our employees have specific development plans/programs carefully designed and precisely tailored for them and on which they … are rigorously evaluated.

If you’d like to test yourself on those standards and more like them, you can download the PDF (revised once more on 19 July) now.

Cathy Mosca posted this on July 10, 2013, in Leadership.
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