The "Thank You" Tweets

Got going on Twitter re “Thank You”-power. Herewith the riff. Brackets at the end of a tweet are the source when it’s not me—brackets with question marks are “source unknown.”

Herewith, in the order they were made:

Overdoing it on “Thank yous” is a problem—0.0000001% of the time.

Timing is not everything. Thank you is everything. [leadlikeahero]

Overdo thank yous? I am 70. I’ve had far more than my share of “Thank yous.” Love ’em as much as ever! Please feel free to overdo it.

Whenever anyone does anything of any magnitude for me I am literally delighted. An effusive “Thank you” is always in order.

The wee-est of wee “un-necessary” efforts rate mega-“Thank yous.”

Courtesy not only makes things easier, but heartfelt appreciation makes lives better. [??]

If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough. [M. Eckhart]

Saying thank you is a supreme leadership “tool.” Believe it!

Saying thank you is in a way selfish. Reward is huge appreciation for tiny investment.

The more crushing the pressure or nearness of a deadline, the more powerful the pause to say “Thank you.”

The most effusive thanks from a leader should be reserved for someone who has the nerve to bring her/ him bad news in a timely fashion.

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?” [William Arthur Ward]

Eye contact may be the ultimate acknowledgement. (Hey, significantly reduces retail shrinkage.)

Sorry to sound like somebody’s mom, but power of thank you multiplied by crystal clear eye contact.

When we’re busy, we often fail to make eye contact. For God’s sake … work on this! (Sooooo common when one is staring at a screen.)

Thank you/eye contact: Great news … you can consciously practice and improve.

Funny, we think about getting better at fly fishing or carpentry, but not when it comes to the likes of saying “Thank you.”

Don’t ruin a good apology with an excuse. Don’t ruin a sincere ‘thank you’ with noise. [??]

When I say “Thank you” to someone, that’s 100% it for that communication. No pollution

It’s like calling to wish someone “Happy birthday” followed by a reminder of a looming deadline

“Thank you” isn’t a starting point of something else. It is “the point.” [Vala Afshar]

Hate to be crude, but someone who is thanked is in your debt. (“Thank you” is a power tool as well as a gracious-humane gesture.)

Re “Thank you”s: I am preaching my Mom’s Gospel … enforced with the Wrath of God.

Over to you …

Tom Peters posted this on April 2, 2013, in Brand You.
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