The next installment, Part 7, of Tom’s “Mother of All Presentations,” or MOAP, is available now at You can download the PowerPoint version or a PDF. We’ll be releasing a section every other week throughout 2012.

In Part 7, Tom turns conventional wisdom about meetings on its head. They are not, he insists, the most boring, wasteful parts of your day, but valuable opportunities for the leader to communicate … and listen. If you agree with Tom that these are core competencies, take a look at “Meetings Matter,” Part 7 of his Mother of All Presentations.

Part 7 is the end of what Tom calls the “Really First Things Before First Things.” The first few parts of MOAP are the essential little things that often get lost in the shuffle. Tom’s way to ensure they don’t is by placing them at the beginning. The rests of the parts of MOAP will consist of the 15 H’s. So as we finish the beginning with Part 7 this week, Tom would like to offer up a bit of a summary in a PDF document he calls REALLY First Things.

Cathy Mosca posted this on March 12, 2012, in Leadership.
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