Anger and Innovation

Tom has written, “All (ALL) innovation comes from fury.” Reading this in The Little BIG Things compelled the editor of Oxford American magazine to examine why he founded the magazine as well as what disturbs him about his competition. In this editorial, he rails against a competitor’s simplistic portrayal of the American South. I’ve never laid eyes on either the Oxford American or its competitors, and being a deeply rooted Yankee, I have no authority to judge their authenticity or value. However, it’s an opportunity to invite you to action.

This story is an example of allowing fury at “how things are done” to spur you to delve deeper, to explore, to search intensely for truth or for the ability to see a situation or problem more clearly. It begs the question: what’s making you furious? Not irritated. Furious. Now take that energy and start exploring how things could be done differently. This is how change happens.

Shelley Dolley posted this on March 15, 2012, in Innovation.
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