Share Your Love (and, Do So Before It's Too Late)

(This is a guest post by Raj Setty to introduce, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Rajesh Setty serves as the president of Foresight Plus, LLC. He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker based in Silicon Valley. You can follow him on Twitter at

When I look back at my engineering days a couple of decades ago, I remember a few teachers that made a huge difference in my life—even today. One of them was the late Dr. Sudhakar Samuel. Dr. Samuel was special. Very special. I still remember the sixth semester where he taught us Digital Electronics. Long story short—every single student in the class became an expert on the topic by the end of the semester.

I had an opportunity to thank Dr. Samuel at the end of the class. I don’t know whether I did justice to what he had given to all of us. My appreciation for what and how he taught me in those days grew over these years. A few years ago, I thought I should go back and thank him again for the difference he made in my life. For some or the other reason, that time did not come. One day, all of a sudden, I got an email from an old friend that Dr. Samuel had passed away. There were tears in my eyes instantly, but there was also a feeling of guilt that I had left something incomplete.

Intentions do count. But, not much in such situations. Actions are what matter most.

Think about your own life. You wanted to thank or appreciate or simply say to someone how much they mean to you. You wanted to share your love for someone. You thought one day you would do it. But, for whatever reason, you were a bit too late. Once that time passed, the opportunity had gone forever. The only thing that remained was guilt.

The other way is true, too. Most people who love and appreciate you don’t come out openly and say why they love and appreciate you. There are many reasons for it, but let’s just agree that only a small percentage of your fans will openly appreciate you and state the reason why.

If tomorrow all the people who love and appreciate you come out openly and say why they love and appreciate you, your world will instantly change. At the least, you will get an insight about what you should continue doing. You might even be surprised that people care about things that you yourself took for granted.

How about this?

Rather than asking the world to change, how about making a small change in your life? How about making a list of all the people you love and appreciate and going and telling them why you love and appreciate them?

Others are just like you—they want to be loved and appreciated and they want to know why they are loved and appreciated.

Rather than just talking about it, I embarked on a project to help with this. The project is called and the goal for the project is to make it easy to share your gratitude, love, and/or appreciation for someone on Twitter.

With LoveThiz, you have only two things to enter:

1. The twitter handle for the person to whom you wish to express your love and appreciation.
2. The reason why you love and appreciate them.

Yes, there is a limit of 140 characters as LoveThiz will post your love and appreciation on Twitter.

You might ask—why add another layer? Why not just post this on Twitter?

Because there are 750 tweets posted per second and sooner or later (sooner, in most cases) what you posted will disappear in the noise. When you post something on LoveThiz, the system instantly creates a page for that person or brand on LoveThiz.
It takes less than ten seconds to post a note of appreciation and love to someone on And, it will stay permanently on that person or brand’s page. Soon, that person or brand gets feedback from across the world why they are being loved and appreciated.

Go ahead and share your love and appreciation for someone over there. It will probably take you a few seconds only but it might make someone’s day.

Raj Setty posted this on February 10, 2012, in Brand You.
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