“This Is It”
Excellence. Now.

This is it.
“It”/MOAP/Mother Of All Presentations/ excellencenow.com took three years to write.
And 45 years of preparation.

MOAP is in effect—23 parts and 4,096 slides—”all I know.”

And all yours, no strings attached, to be used as you wish and released by us at the rate of one part every two weeks until more or less the end of 2012.

We were lucky enough—and surprised as the dickens—to find that “excellencenow.com” was available. It, along with slideshare.net [coming soon!], will be the home of and repository for MOAP.

The special bit is the “extreme annotation.” We estimate 100,000++ words of annotation accompany the standard slides. The notion is that each of the 23 parts will be in effect a book—the story, or 23 stories, is intended to stand alone without further interpretation needed. (Annotations are also produced as slides, since our experience is that few pay attention to the standard indirect notes feature—and pay attention is what we hope you’ll do.)

Why this format you may ask.
The answer in short: I do slides.

I have given somewhat more than 2,500 presentations (in 67 countries) on “this excellence stuff” since we began our initial organization effectiveness research at McKinsey in 1977. I’ve illustrated my presentations with “overheads” and glass-mounted slides—and, for the last 15 or so years, with PowerPoint creations. The slide is my unit of measure, my sub-atomic particle if you will; and since MOAP/excellencenow.com is some form of “summa,” the slide format is fitting.

The 23-part presentation is, I believe, a coherent narrative, with a plotline that goes more or less from the alpha to the omega of my work. But, more practically, it is a reference encyclopedia of sorts. My goal is grand theft—that is, your grand theft of my material. This is “the stuff I care about” and the stuff to which I have, effectively, given my life. And I want to share as much of it as I can—all of it in fact. And hope that as you read through or skim the material, you’ll find items or streams of thought that are of value.

I could go on, but for once I won’t.
Have at it ….

(Below: Some have a fruit bowls on their desk. Some of us, traveling idea salesmen like me, adorn our desk with a bowl of plug adapters.)

[Special thanks to Joy Stauber for designing the new site, and to our friends at House of Pretty for bringing it to life.]

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