New Audio: Tom Reads The Little BIG Things

While Tom was reading The Little BIG Things for the audio edition, we made a collection of mp3 files, one item at a time. We've been bringing them to you over time, and we're almost to the end of the book now! You can listen to Tom's enthusiastic rendering of his book by means of the links below, or find all the mp3s on our book page.

The most recent audio excerpts, posted 1 December, are from the section of TLBT titled "Success":

157. The "3H Model" of Success.
158. A 5-Word, 5-Point "Complete" "Excellence Manifesto."
159. The Full Nelson—Or: 13 Lessons on "Navigating" Excellence.
160. A Cheat Sheet for Tough Times (and Other Times, Too).

Cathy Mosca posted this on December 1, 2011, in General.
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