Recent Tom Interviews and Other Stuff Worth Mentioning

Julie Anixter (an old friend!) posted an interview with Tom at
The Tom Peters Interview—”Excellence NOW”

An excerpt from Debbie Millman’s book, Brand Thinking, in which she interviews Tom, appeared on the 800ceoread blog:
Brand Thinking with Debbie Millman and
Tom Peters

In the emails, Tom received this suggestion for enhancing one of his tweets. Kudos to Tom for getting 30 years’ experience into 140 characters! We’ll let him slide for leaving out the marching band:
Re-imagine! The Musical, from Shortcuts to Managing Right

Tom received another email stating that the “Tom Peters consultancy was ranked number 7 in the category of Independent Consultants/Trainers/Coaches” in the Leadership 500 ranking by the folks at Leadership Excellence. We’re very proud of the London office of Tom Peters Company. They’re doing excellent work based on Tom’s principles.

Shelley Dolley posted this on November 22, 2011, in Announcements.
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