Recent Honors

Tom has been mentioned in several "best" lists himself, lately. listed The Little BIG Things as one of The Best Leadership Books of 2010. published
10 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read From 2010
and had this to say about The Little BIG Things:

VERDICT Those who want to improve their business, whether a boss or an employee, will find great ideas in this compelling and very browsable book.

And if those weren't enough high praise, we were thrilled to see what the Financial Times had to say yesterday:

The Management Gurus Due for a Review

Gladwell, like Drucker, has the advantage of not being a business practitioner. He can observe impartially. Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great and most recently How the Mighty Fall, is similarly impartial, but the case studies in his books, as in many of those written by business school professors, risk ageing poorly. He would do well to follow the example of Tom Peters, who wrote In Search of Excellence in 1982 but has never stopped reinventing himself and developing new material, becoming a blogger and Tweeter at an age when many gurus would rather retire to their herbaceous borders. Peters is on Olympus. Collins has more to prove.

Never fear, those of us who work closely with Tom are doing our best to keep him grounded/deflate his ego as necessary (there are plenty of Greek god allusions, you can be sure).