App Giveaway

Last week we had a surprise giveaway of Tom’s The Little BIG Things Vook iPhone and iPad apps. We ask people to submit their own Two-Cent Candy story.

We received some remarkable stories (even a winning tweet!). Among the winning stories were those of a fantastic “Director of First Impressions,” an eBay vendor who included popcorn in a box of purchased DVDs, and a spectacularly sanitary little sweets shop in India.

Our favorite came from a gentleman named Stuart:

My daughter was flying from London Heathrow to Philadelphia to a friend’s wedding and left her hat, the wedding present and her travel details on the bus which transferred her from the car park to the terminal.

Only realising what she had done minutes before check-in she was trying to “be brave” when through a throng of people came her “knight in (shining) dayglo,” the bus driver, carrying her forgotten belongings.

He had no need to do it. And it can’t have been easy delivering her things personally but he did it and made my daughter’s day.

And those of you who enjoy parsimony of words will appreciate this tweet sent from Daryl of 360Construction:

“When 360 began, we’d jump at the chance to fix a rickety doorknob. Today, no matter client size, our people check/fix doors.”

Congratulations to all the winners. And many thanks to all who participated, as well as our friends at Vook.

Shelley Dolley posted this on November 3, 2010, in Announcements.
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